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Pro Lease Return Repairs

Ensuring your vehicle is always in tip-top condition before you hand it back

At Swift Paint, we know the damages that can cause extra charges on your leased vehicle. Contact the team to find out if you may need a repair.

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Save money on your end with Lease Repairs

You never want to get hit with damage charges when you return your vehicle, and that’s what our experts are here to help with. With in-depth knowledge of every make and model, our dedicated experts can advise when a repair may be necessary upon inspection and then get your looking brand new again.

They know the standard lease rule regarding dent and scratch sizes, so if your dent is smaller than a quarter or your scratch can be covered with a credit card, they’ll usually send you on your way with peace of mind.

  • Pro Lease Return Repairs

    We know exactly what dealers are looking out for when you return your lease so come to us and get just the essentials done.
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  • Complete Body Work

    No matter what the problem, we can help to get your car as good as new.
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  • Custom Paint Work

    Let your personality shine through a range of different custom color options for your car.
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  • Custom Tuning

    More Power, better performance and sound. Call us and we will take care of it!
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  • Vinyl Car Wrapping

    Express your style with our finest quality car wrap products.
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All makes and models are welcome!

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